iPage vs Siteground – Which one is the best

Siteground is the new kid in a town where one of the old players is this company called iPage. Ever since its inception in 2004 Siteground has been making its way up as now its hosts more than one million domains all over the world.

Certainly, there must be something that has given wings to Siteground to fly itself into the profitable waters of lucrative web hosting business. To really find out how Siteground is giving old players like iPage a run for their money, we would have to analyze how it differs from others.


The costs of getting the services from either of the aforementioned companies will always be the first thing in anybody’s mind, who is looking to get hosting services. The difference in price can endorse a reason to someone to back away from an offer.

Siteground maybe expensive than iPage but it packs an extra punch for just one more dollar. Why? Because it has extensive features in numbers way more than in the offers that iPage provides for web hosting. For $3.95 per month, the prospective clients can get extras like SSL certificates, SSD storage and the feature of free migration. One may get the usual for $2.75 per month from iPage, in contrast to Siteground’s incredible features.

The Support:

After the price, the most important aspect of a web hosting company is the customer it offers. Siteground provides the same quality of customer support as the one provided by iPage. This is to say that while iPage has existed for a considerable time, Siteground built its infrastructure of the same level of support in a shorter period of time.

Both companies provide the support for 24/7 and for around 365 days. The help they provide includes forums, guides, and tutorials so that the client can get the help they need.


iPage has an uptime of around 99.98% while Siteground gets the benchmark of its uptime at 99.99. Siteground wins this round, as just like the fact it came way after iPage came into existence, yet the performance variables are already higher than iPage.

This might be a crucial point why a number of the prospective clients would choose Siteground for its excellent uptime speed, coupled with other features at an affordable price.


Based on the analysis of this blog, Siteground seems to win the race by a margin. After careful research, it was concluded the features that Siteground has to offer are in better numbers when compared to the likes of iPage.

What is much better than all of the features are available at such affordable prices. It also gives incredible performance compared to its rivals.